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At Excel Dental Studio of Merrillville, we understand the importance of maintaining healthy gums to safeguard your oral health. Periodontal disease can manifest in various ways, from tooth loss and bad breath to bleeding gums, and it can even begin silently without noticeable symptoms. However, with proper care and attention, periodontal disease is preventable. In fact, one simple tool, used daily, can make a significant difference in your oral health.

Harnessing the Power of Floss

Dental floss is a simple yet powerful tool in the fight against periodontal disease. By removing plaque and bacteria buildup from between your teeth, flossing complements brushing and helps prevent gum disease. Incorporating flossing into your daily routine alongside brushing for two minutes twice a day is essential for optimal oral health. Flossing reaches areas that toothbrushes cannot, dislodging food particles and debris trapped in tight spaces between teeth.

The Reality of Flossing Habits

Despite its importance, only 40% of Americans floss daily, according to the American Dental Association. However, regular flossing is directly linked to improved dental health. Many individuals do not prioritize flossing, with some even dishonest about their habits during dental visits. While it’s not necessary to floss every time you brush, making it a daily habit is crucial for maintaining healthy gums.

Mastering Proper Flossing Technique

Proper flossing technique is key to its effectiveness. Take approximately 18 inches of floss and hold it taut between your thumb and index finger. Use about one inch of floss to clean between each pair of teeth, sliding it up and down against both sides of the teeth. Avoid forcing the floss into your gums, as this can cause irritation. Instead, gently guide it between teeth and discard used floss as you progress through your oral care routine.

Embrace the Benefits of Daily Flossing

Just a few minutes of flossing each day can significantly contribute to your long-term oral health. By removing plaque and debris, flossing helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, promoting healthier gums and a brighter smile. Remember to complement your daily oral care routine with regular dental visits. Schedule appointments with your dentist twice a year for professional cleanings and examinations to maintain optimal oral health.


At Excel Dental Studio of Merrillville, we emphasize the importance of daily flossing for achieving and maintaining healthy gums. Incorporating this simple yet effective practice into your oral care routine can make a world of difference in preventing periodontal disease and preserving your smile. Contact our dental office today to schedule an appointment and take proactive steps towards healthier gums and a lifetime of good oral health.

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